Of all the Greek islands, Crete is one of the most distinctive and beautiful – Crete is exceptional in many ways. It is the largest Greek island, has the most diverse mix of landscapes, and stands far to the south of most of the rest of the country.

Then there’s its striking natural landscape – Mount Ida stands tall towering above the island, not to mention that the coast is filled with spectacular beaches with everything from turquoise lagoons to eye-catching red sands. Close to us, in the midst of the mountains, hides the extraordinary basin of the Lasithi plateau dotted with white windmills.

The thing that makes Crete stand out from the other islands is the breadth of its history: from the mysterious Minoans with their labyrinthine palaces, through Venetian control, to the daring deeds during the German occupation. There’s plenty to explore on the island which is home to some fascinating cultural spots and historical sites, from the Knossos ruins to the remote monasteries.
Oh, and foodies won’t be disappointed either; Crete is renowned for serving up some seriously delicious local dishes!
Heraklion – the bustling capital city of Crete is 18km away. Here you find the Archaeological Museum, shopping centre, the seaside and its tavernas, as well as its market on Thursdays and Saturdays (morning).
An international 18 holes golf course is only 8 km away.
The Créta  Aquarium is only 4 km away.
Hersonissos isn only 7km away – a tourist town where you can find tavernas, shops, night bars, beach bars and many others things…..
The Palace of Knossos. is 5/6km from Heraklion – a must see for those interested in Minoan history

The Skotino cave (Greek: σπήλαιο Σκοτεινού) is one of the largest and more impressive caves among the many caves found in Crete and it is only a short drive from where we are.The cave lies high on a hill northwest of the village of Skotino, a few kilometers inland south of Gouves. It is also known as Agia Paraskevi cave from the church dedicated to Saint Paraskevi built on top of it. The cave is 160 meters deep and 36 meters wide